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LP 'OSTINATO' by German Guitarist Peter Graneis.


Vlastimir Trajković - Prelude No 9
Olli Mustonen - Jehkin Iivana
Dušan Bogdanović - Polymetric Study No V 

Alexandre Tansman - Pièce en forme de Passacaille
Heitor Villa-Lobos - Etude No 5 
Nuccio D’Angelo - Due Canzoni Lidie
released 2021


[os · ti · ˈnaː · to]
“a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm” 
The pieces presented in this programme have one uniting factor at their core: repetition. Each piece operates with the concept of repetition differently, thus creating a musical landscape filled with variation rather than monotony. 
The philosophical discussion of repetition ranges from Plato’s understanding of repetition as reminiscence or recollection of an already existing knowledge to Deleuze’s “upgrading” of repetition as an “active force […] producing difference”.¹ In his book Difference and Repetition (1968), he states “Repetition and Resemblance are different in kind - extremely so.” 

¹from: repetition, The Chicago School of Media Theory


Audio: Timm Roller
Design: Maximilian Haslauer
Photography: Lei Huang
Guitar: Michel Brück
Strings: D'Addario ProArte JE45FF
Recorded at Weißer Saal, Neues. Schloss Stuttgart
TREKEL Records

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